World’s most exclusive high-end bars

exclusive high-end bars

If you are a fan of trying cocktails, exclusive alcohols and other exotic drinks, then bars are the best place for you to be. There are thousands of bars all over the world, with their own specialities. Some of these are high end bars serving drinks like a sip from heaven. It’s not always about drinking and getting high but sometimes it’s all about experiencing how beautiful and amazing these drinks can be and creating special moments that can’t be created by anything else in the world. In this article we will be discussing about

10 most expensive high end bars in the entire world

Subsix Underwater Bar, The Maldives

The name is enough to tell why it is so expensive to be in this bar. On an average the minimal cost of being here and trying a cocktail is $22. There are thousands who visit the place due to its so-called underwater world. It’s a complete wonder to be deep inside the ocean experiencing the aquatic life so closely with the best of alcohol and drinks. Even the chairs you sit on will provide you excellent comfort as it will be massaging your body from slowly.

The American Bar At The Savoy Hotel, Mayfair

Do you want to witness the oldest beauty of Britain? If yes then this the oldest standing bar out there in Britain serving the best sips from America. You get $150 for White Lady, so it’s pretty expensive but you have the finest of alcoholic drinks. The bar is all set with luxurious items and comfortable seats so that you can enjoy your drink to the fullest. It is very pleasing to hear the pianist playing the soft and smooth music all around. It is a classy place and it’s limited to a section of society as you have to be worthy of experiencing the magical cocktail menu.

The Icebar At The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi

Who other than Sweden could have given such a concept of an Icebar. The extraordinary beauty of Sweden’s personal collections and exotic drinks that are must to taste are available. And guess what, You don’t need to ask for your drinks on the rocks as you already have one. The bar changes its interiors every year and artists around the world visit the place to help in building different interiors out there. Talking of expense, it is not a lot there as you can have a drink at rates of $11.

XS Nightclub, Las Vegas

Las Vegas never lets you down with surprises and yet here is another one. The night club is famous for a specific drink called “ONO” which actually can cost you $10,000. Yes, you read it right as one sip of this drink is worth a thousand dollars. It is a complete royal thing and it’s hard to say that someone not so special could even think of such an affair. They always say it’s Vegas who can get you the magical world of alcohols and this club offers one of the sips that can confirm the saying.

The Peak Bar, Tokyo

The Peak bar is one of Tokyo’s best and high profile bars. You have a wonderful view from the bar as it is on the top of one of the highest skyscrapers of Tokyo named Nishi-Shinjuku. You pay for the view more than you pay for the alcohol. There are some good drinks but basically one can afford them as you get a glass of cocktail on an average of $40. There is a DJ playing in the bar all the time setting the best tone you need in a bar to enjoy your drink.

Playboy Club, Mayfair

Drinks are not just for sips, sometimes they also are for records. Here is a drink that can cost you $7000 and holds a place in the Guinness World Records. It is an old place to be at and has some of the best alcohols from ages stored in age old thick bottles. The playboy club is a type of place that is good and open for everyone as you can get easy and cheap drinks and costly and special drinks out there. This club is worth visiting.

The Coccaro Beach Club, Puglia

The beach club is one of the best you can have in the entire world. It is a perfect spot to relax and have fun. You can have shining and beautiful sunlight all over your face and body over the club. It gives you a perfect view for you as it is nothing better than to have a sun over your head with sand all around and an ocean full of shining water. The deals are very costly basically due to the view so be prepared if you are going with a date over the place.

Bad Luck Bar, Detroit

Detroit is known for tons of things. Some of the special things about the place are its locations, its cars and a lot more things but if you are in Detroit and are a fan of amazing drinks and want to taste how Detroit serves its guests you just cannot miss the Bad Luck Bar out there. It is one of the most expensive and high end bars in the world. The bar’s most expensive cocktail is sold for $80 so you can imagine the craze. The special thing about the place is how it treats its customers. You can’t make any reservations and everyone is treated the same, so try your luck for a seat.

Duvet, New York City

You cannot miss New York from the list. It is one of the most amazing and crazy places as they have a special bottle of alcohol costing $6000. It was released at the time of Valentines day and the drink is said to be a test for relationships. The place is classy and even a person with a limited budget can visit to have a great day.

The Bar Hemingway, Hôtel Ritz Paris-

The bar serves something out of the box as you can get a drink called Sidecar over the place. It includes a high amount of Champagne which the bar claims to be very old. They say the champagne was brought there by the Nazi army and ts solders left it there over the place. God knows if the fact is true but it really tastes absolutely amazing. One Glass of this drink costs $1670.


Above mentioned are some of the high class bars with amazing cocktails to serve. You get thousands of exotic drinks and many of these are very expensive over the place. It might seem absurd seeing the prices but it’s all about experiencing. Once you experience these you will agree that the price was worth it.


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